The peer mentoring scheme is about helping new students settle in to life at The University of Leicester through peer to peer support. 

Students in their second year or beyond act as mentors, as they are in the perfect position to offer advice having already walked in the same shoes.

What our students say: Why I wish I’d had a mentor..

I would have really appreciated some personal help just to point me in the right direction and save me time, whether that be simply the proper way to look for a book in the library or just finding where the Subway on Queens Road was!” – Cameron, 4th year American Studies student

I was really worried about starting uni and having someone to talk to about it would have been really helpful – Fiona, 3rd year history student

I’m a new student, how will this help me?

  • You will be receiving warm and friendly information straight away, this will help you know what is happening on or around campus and further afield in Leicester
  • You will get hints and tips on how to make the most of your student experience
  • You will have support if you have any difficulties
  • Several opportunities to meet up with your peer mentor
  • You'll have the opportunity to make new friends and be a part of something that celebrates the diversity of student life in an informal, fun and sociable way

*New students can sign up from 16th August 2018*

I’m a current student, why should I sign up to become a mentor?

You can:

  • Use your knowledge and experience to help new students realise how exciting and enriching University life can be here at Leicester.
  • Become a vital component in the transition period for new students, whilst gaining recognised, HEAR accredited transferable skills.
  • Pass on hints and tips about the best places to eat, visit, explore or study and where to find interesting things to do.
  • Make a difference in other peoples’ lives.

97% of our current mentors would recommend becoming a mentor to a friend.

*Applications for becoming a mentor for 2018-19 will be closing very soon.*

What do Lead Mentors do?

Lead Mentors are students who want to develop their leadership and management skills that one step further. Lead Mentors put on small scale events aimed to develop and build positive relationships between mentors and mentees. Lead mentors are a point of contact within the departments that both mentors and mentees can ask for help or any questions.

Why should I become a Lead Mentor?

  • Develop your leadership skills to help shape the student experience of your peers
  • Become a key communication point between the scheme, mentors and mentees
  • Develop and enhance your leadership skills by being able to lead small scale events
  • Have an impact on mentor and mentee recruitment 
  • Act as an ambassador for the scheme at various union, university and department events

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