Be part of a Mentoring group where current students impart all of their tips and knowledge to new students.

This is an informal support scheme where new students can ask all those initial questions, such as what is a seminar? How long does it take to get from my halls to this lecture theatre? Current students here at Leicester will be able to answer all those queries or be able to tell their Mentees where the best place to get the answer or help they need.

Email will be the first way to contact, but we will be encouraging group meet ups during the first term to put faces to names and share your experiences.

Once you have filled out one of the forms below we can start on matching you based on your home department, shared interests, maybe common languages and any special requests you may have.

New Students

Mentors are there to provide a friendly point of contact as you prepare for your University life and during your first year. They will aim to enhance your student experience by giving you all the tips and information they wish they’d have known as a first year!

Sign up here if you are a new student joining the University of Leicester in 2018.

* Please note that the medical school run their own mentoring scheme and you will be assigned a mentor through that department.


Use your knowledge and experience to help new students realise how exciting and enriching University life can be here at Leicester.

You will receive training and support to help you fulfil your role as mentor. You will become a vital component in the transition period for new students, whilst gaining employability and transferable skills. The scheme is HEAR accredited & will feature on your HEAR transcript.

If you have a specific request regarding your mentee group please enter it in the box provided and we will aim to accommodate this.

Once you have successfully signed up for the scheme, please complete the booking form to sign up for the introduction training if you have not already done so.

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