Apply to Have a Mentor

Be part of a Mentoring group where current students impart all of their tips and knowledge to new students.

This is an informal support scheme where new students can ask all those initial questions, such as what is a seminar? How long does it take to get from my halls to this lecture theatre? Current students here at Leicester will be able to answer all those queries or be able to tell their Mentees where the best place to get the answer or help they need.

Email will be the first way to contact, but we will be encouraging group meet ups during the first term to put faces to names and share your experiences.

Once you have filled out one of the forms below we can start on matching you based on your home department, shared interests, maybe common languages and any special requests you may have.


Peer Mentor Scheme Application form

This form is for new students coming to the University of Leicester. (*required)

If you are joining a course within the medicine department you will be provided an opportunity to be part of a mentoring scheme through the department/society. You will be given further information on how to do this once you have started your course.

Please enter the department and course for which you'd prefer to have a mentor from, it's up to you whether that is your minor or major. Alternatively if you'd prefer a mentor who is doing a joint honours programme from any department please let us know in the "Please tell us any other information you think we may need to know about you" box below

If you are completing a pathways degree, please pick your ‘major’ subject from the dropdown box.
If you can not find your course for any reason please contact

If you have any access requirements or specific needs we should consider within the matching process

What are your interests / hobbies and anything ‘new’ you would like to try?

Please indicate your top 5


Please read the following document Peer Mentoring Code of Conduct

Opt Out

If you wish to opt out of the scheme please fill out our opt out form instead.