Mentees – What is a Mentor?

Mentees – What is a Mentor?

23rd March 2016

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As a University of Leicester student all first years are going to have the opportunity to have a Mentor. This may be a second, third or fourth year in your department or potentially a different one – we’ll explain that a little further on. 

To ensure you feel part of the Leicester family from the start and receive all the support and answers you need this Mentoring scheme has been set up. Your Mentor is there to answer any questions you have before you start and during your first year . You don’t need to be searching the internet to find other people on your course to see if you need to take your own cutlery (or whether you should label them). They can let you know where the good shops are, the best books are kept and any other questions that may arise.

Your Mentor is also there to listen, it is perfectly normal to feel homesick or a bit lost and your Mentor is there to guide you when things aren’t feeling too great. They can let you know where the best support can be given or meet for a cup of tea and some cake if it’s just a friendly ear you’re needing.

They can help with some department questions however they can’t be checking through your work or sharing any work either – there’s academic representatives to help with that. But they can let you know about course books and how to navigate the building etc.

Not all departments are taking part in this, some run their own bespoke scheme (Maths, Law, Physics, Psychology and Medicine) so if you’re part of those departments then please contact your department direct to ask how you can be assigned a Mentor. All other departments, go sign up here and you’ll be matched with a Mentor based on your department and your interests. However, we may not be able to always match based on department depending on how many Mentors and Mentees we have but if that is the case you’ll be matched as closely as possible and interests would become a prime match.

If you have any questions please email

We look forward to meeting you in September!