January Update- Recruitment begins!

January Update- Recruitment begins!

18th January 2017

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With the Autumn term over, most first years are now feeling settled into their Leicester life. Those that had a peer mentor are reporting an overall positive experience and were glad of someone being there in case they needed anything. Our Erasmus students will be meeting their mentors this Friday, giving them the option of contacting a current student if they have any questions about University life here.

With the success of this year’s pilot we are now looking to the future and applications are open for the 2017-18 academic year!

This is why our current mentors recommend the scheme:
“It is definitely worth becoming a peer mentor. It increased my confidence and my leadership skills. Also, it is not an overwhelming responsibility because the mentees are a similar age to you, so it is relaxed and friendly. As well as this, peer mentoring looks great on your CV as most employers will be looking for the transferable skills that it offers.”
-Sorcha, 2nd year Modern Languages mentor.

“I really enjoyed being a peer mentor. The training was fun and interactive and it was lovely being able to make the transition of starting university that little bit easier for people.”
-Charlotte, 2nd year Geography mentor

If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor, fill out our application form and then you’ll be invited to book onto an introductory session in the SU. If successful you would move on to two online training sessions with optional follow up workshops. You can also sign up by seeing our ambassador team at Refresh Fair on Monday, look out for their grey hoodies.