April Update

April Update

25th April 2017

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For September 2017 all incoming first year students* will be assigned a peer mentor, essentially changing our scheme from opt in to opt out.  If you are joining us at Leicester this year, this means you’re guaranteed the informal support of a peer who has already walked in your shoes and gone through the process of being a new student.

Brand new ‘meet your mentor’ events will also be happening on central campus, during the second week of term. We hope that students meeting their mentor will help to ease any anxieties and improve the engagement in peer mentoring for everyone involved. As student experience is at the heart of everything we do, these changes have been implemented after consultation with both our current mentors and mentees.

Training for mentors has also been expanded so it is now available online for students who are currently studying abroad. If you would like to be a mentor with us for 2017-18, you have until the 9th June to join us (just click ‘sign up’ above), drop us an email if you have any questions.

*Please note that medical students are the exception to this, as the medical school run their own mentoring scheme.