June Update- Further Training Available

June Update- Further Training Available

29th June 2017

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Empowering students and boosting their employ-ability is a huge part of why the mentoring scheme was set up. We are happy to announce that we are launching further optional online training from EduCare. There are courses on a wide range of topics such as leadership, equality & diversity and first aid essentials as well as a whole host of courses around education and safeguarding children and young people. Each course takes 1-6 hours to complete and comes with a certificate that will be recognised by many potential employers. These courses are an easy way to learn something new and enhance your CV just by using your computer.  If you would like to be enrolled on EduCare and take a look please email us at peermentoring@le.ac.uk. This is open to all current University of Leicester students.

Core training for mentors has been completed and they are now ready to welcome a new intake of Leicester students in September. We’re getting new celebrity selfie boards printed in preparation for Fresh fair and the goodie bags are ready to go.  More details on what we’re offering during induction will be coming soon.