How are first years matched to mentors?

How are first years matched to mentors?

25th July 2017

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As a new first year student you will be matched up with a mentor using the following criteria: your department and course, the languages you speak and your interests. We also do bespoke matching if you have a special requirement. Are you an international student who’d like support from a student who has studied abroad themselves? Would you rather be in a group with your own gender? Are you a commuting student? Let us know about anything you’re concerned about and we’ll do our best to match you with your perfect mentor. 

Most students will be matched with a mentor from their own department, however some of you will be with a mentor from a different, but similar department. All of our mentors had the same training and will be able to help you with anything or point you in the right direction to answer any queries you have. There’s no such thing as a silly question, your mentors will remember all of the things they wondered about when they were in your position. 

From the 17th August, new students at the University will be able to give us their details here

If you would rather not be matched with a mentor you can opt out of the scheme here.