Meet Your Mentor

Meet Your Mentor

2nd October 2017

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Meet Your Mentor

This week hosts your opportunity to Meet Your Mentor. Matching has now been completed and you should be receiving welcome emails from your mentors soon.

All this week the Peer Mentoring team are taking over the central marquee on the central plaza. This was home to Fabulous First Year, Sports Fair and Fresh Fair last week, and is on the pavement in between the Fielding Johnson Building, Attenborough Building and the Percy Gee Building (otherwise known as the Students’ Union).

These events give you the chance to meet your mentor over a cup of tea or coffee, and ask those first questions about starting your University life here in Leicester. Some departments have specific set events, whilst some are down to the Mentor and Mentee to agree a date and time to meet up.

Departmental Events:

Psychology: Tuesday 3rd October, 9am-10am

Media and Sociology: Tuesday 3rd October, 4pm-5pm

Physics: Wednesday 4th October 9am-10am

Archaeology and Ancient History: Thursday 5th October 9am-10am

Accounting and Finance: Thursday 5th October 12pm-1pm

Management: Thursday 5th October 1pm-2pm

Chemistry: Thursday 5th October 4pm-5pm

English & History of Art and Film: Friday 6th October 9am-10am

Economics: Friday 6th October 11am-12pm

American Studies: Friday 6th October 12pm-1pm

Modern Languages: Friday 6th October 1pm-2pm

Politics and International Relations: Friday 6th October 2pm-3pm

Criminology: Friday 6th October 4pm-5pm

Department not listed above?

Our marquee will be ready (and the kettle boiled) ready to welcome you at these times. There will be a member of the Peer Mentoring Team on hand to answer any questions, so it’s up to you and your mentor to find a suitable time for you both within these times. If none of them are suitable then don’t worry, just find another place on campus to have your first meet up. The marquee is free:

Tuesday 3rd October: 10am – 4pm

Wednesday 4th October: 10am – 4pm

Thursday 5th October: 10am-12pm and 2pm – 4pm

Have a great week, and we look forward to seeing you!