Winter Falls

Winter Falls

27th November 2017

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This week we hope to go through some of the fantastic work that Mentors have been doing. It has been rewarding to read some of the e-mails sent to mentees, the support that has been offered to students and the interaction between mentors and mentees. Keep up the hard work!

A little recap of what has been sent out:

  • Welcome e-mails
  • What I Wish I knew
  • Leicester and Campus

If you would like further information about any of the above, we are happy to help. It’s now getting colder, wrap up warm and keep safe.

We offer a wide range of services on the LeicesterTalks Website. Take a look at the services and how you can help a friend, or even yourself!

There are plenty of opportunities in the union for you to get involved with from joining a student group to taking part in one of the many workshops delivered by the training team.

Picture: Oadby Village, Leicester

victoria park

Picture: A frosty morning, Victoria Park, Leicester

Take Care

Peer Mentoring