Peer Mentoring is Recruiting Again

Peer Mentoring is Recruiting Again

26th February 2018

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Peer Mentoring is a fantastic way to get involved with supporting other students on their journey in to Higher Education. The peer mentoring scheme is about helping new students settle in to life at The University of Leicester through peer to peer support.

Students in their second year or beyond act as mentors, as they are in the perfect position to offer advice having already walked in the same shoes.

The skill development you get whilst being a Peer Mentor will help towards your employability.


Through the Peer Mentoring Scheme it is clear that you develop your professional skills to formulate clear and informative advice to your mentees, through various mediums.


Peer Mentoring allows you flexibility to explore, grow and support others through your own management and organisation skills. Management & Leadership is a tool that all future employers see as a favourable characteristic and you can demonstrate this through your management of your time and resources when supporting your mentees.


Peer Mentoring is a great way to sharpen your organisational skills. We believe that the best way to enhance your employability is showing your commitment to extra circular activities that show you can organise, lead and support your peers.

Want any other reasons to sign up?

You can:

  • Use your knowledge and experience to help new students realise how exciting and enriching University life can be here at Leicester.
  • Become a vital component in the transition period for new students, whilst gaining recognised, HEAR accredited transferable skills.
  • Pass on hints and tips about the best places to eat, visit, explore or study and where to find interesting things to do.
  • Make a difference in other students’ lives.

Feedback from previous Peer Mentors:

How did you help first years?

I feel the scheme was very helpful and useful to the first years to help the transition to university life a smoother one. For me the experience was helpful when thinking of how to construct an email and deal with different peoples issues accordingly (Jack, Peer Mentor, 2017/18)

Will you be supported if you became a Peer Mentor?

The support for mentors in the peer mentoring scheme was great, and they understood if we needed help or extra time! (Henna, Peer Mentor, 2017/18)

What kind of training do I receive?

Training was really comprehensive including; guides and guidelines about behaviour and what’s expected – Peer Mentor 2017/18

The training was really helpful and the emails we got with suggestions on were really useful in aiding content for the emails. Also I found it really rewarding helping some of my mentees through their first few semesters of University. (Mellissa, Peer Mentor, 2017/18)


The highlight of my time as a peer mentor was hearing back from my mentees after I suggested ideas such as internships, and student societies. It was great being able to help people who were being really proactive as students and it was great to offer support and advice from my own experience, as well as tools that were suggested by the peer mentoring scheme organisers (Aneesh, Peer Mentor, 2017/18)