Meet your Lead Mentor – Business

Meet your Lead Mentor – Business

16th August 2018

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Name: Holly Jones

Dept: School of Business

Course: Economics BSc

Year (18/19): Second


Why do you think the Peer Mentoring Scheme is important?

I believe Peer Mentoring is important to new students as it can introduce them to resources the University offers they may not even know exist. It also gives new students a chance to talk to someone who can provide guidance in a relaxed environment whilst maintaining confidentiality and trust. For a lot of new students, starting University can be very overwhelming and the Peer Mentoring Scheme offers a platform for students to express any worries and concerns. For me, the most important part of peer mentoring is to let new students know they are not alone and that help is always available.

What benefit does this scheme have for mentees?

Mentees can ask questions to someone who understands their issues as they have been through similar experiences the new mentees are going through. Mentors and mentees are matched up based on their course, so mentors can provide guidance and answers to questions about the course as well as more personal issues as mentors are trained to deal with all situations. Mentees benefit from this as any questions and worries can be answered in just a simple email.

What made you apply to be a lead mentor?

I strongly believe the peer mentoring scheme is of great value to many students. Because of this, I applied to become a lead peer mentor as I wanted to be involved in something I know can make peoples lives at university better.

One interesting fact about yourself?

My day is complete when I get to see my dog Bumble, who I often facetime when I am at University.

One thing you enjoy about studying at Leicester?

I personally enjoy the layout of the university in comparison to Leicester city. As the University of Leicester is campus based, all the University’s buildings are conveniently close together, so you don’t have to do any trekking between lectures. Then just a short walk away from the Uni, you’ve got Leicester’s city centre which offers many venues and activities including Highcross shopping centre, independent shops and Leicester’s daily market. However, if shopping isn’t your thing, Leicester Tigers and Leicester City F.C are also right on the Universities’ doorstep.