Meet your Lead Mentor – Business

Meet your Lead Mentor – Business

16th August 2018

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Name: Shahrez Karim   

Dept: Business

Course: Banking & Finance BSc

Year (18/19): Second year

Why do you think the Peer Mentoring Scheme is important?

The Peer Mentoring Scheme is important as it helps students ease into university. For the majority, living on their own and having to make their own dinners is new to them which makes university a unique experience. The scheme is set up to make new students feel more comfortable not only in attending the university but also in living in a new city with new people.

What benefit does this scheme have for mentees? 

This scheme allows new students to ask any questions they have without hesitation. It makes new students feel welcome and provides a helping hand in times of need. Settling into the university lifestyle may be changeling for some but through having a mentor, students can come to them for advice on the best places to eat in Leicester or how to get around the campus for example. For me this scheme provided a cornerstone for me which made me feel more comfortable.

What made you apply to be a lead mentor? 

I initially applied to be a mentor as I wanted to be able to assist new students coming to Leicester. Through being a mentee in my first year, I realised how important and helpful the scheme really is and wanted to be able to return the favour in my second year. I then decided that being a Lead Peer Mentor would be even more thrilling for me and would allow me to express my full appreciation and passion for the scheme. I was interested by the idea of representing the scheme and hosting events to persuade other students to join in.

One interesting fact about yourself? 

Despite being part of a few societies and the football team at university, I do occasionally enjoy spending time on my own away from others. I can fluctuate from wanting to be very sociable and meeting up with friends and going out etc to chilling in my room watching Netflix.

One thing you enjoy about studying at Leicester? 

There’s a long list of things I enjoy about studying at Leicester, but my favourite thing would be the idea of most buildings being on campus as opposed to spread around the city. I like the idea that students in different years studying different subjects are able to socialise and hang around each other on campus. It’s nice to be able to go into the library and sit around people studying different subjects and meet new people which is made possible by Leicester being a campus university. Despite saying this, it’s even more fascinating that the city centre is a 10 minute walk from the university.