Meet Your Lead Mentor – Criminology

Meet Your Lead Mentor – Criminology

16th August 2018

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Name: Maddie Astle

Dept: Criminology          

Course: BSc Criminology

Year (18/19): Third

Why do you think the Peer Mentoring Scheme is important? 

I feel that it is really important to ensure that all students starting university feel comfortable and are provided with the support they may need to enjoy their experience at uni. I believe that this scheme is beneficial, as ensuring that students are happy should be the main priority for the university, and this scheme really enables any issues among first years to be brought to light and dealt with. Coming to university can be a daunting thing, but by having that peer support there even before coming to the university it can ease the transition.

 What benefit does this scheme have for mentees? 

As a mentee myself in first year, I’m aware of the benefits that the scheme can have, ranging from providing advice for studying and excelling in your degree to giving recommendations for where to visit in the city. A range of questions that a student may have regarding the university can be answered, as the mentor has that recent first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a first year. Sometimes it may be that a student doesn’t feel comfortable asking an academic a question within their department, so the ability to ask a student within their department is really helpful.

 What made you apply to be a lead mentor? 

I myself have been a mentee in first year and a peer mentor in second year, showing me the benefits that the scheme can have for students. I wanted to apply and become a lead mentor as I really want to help to promote this scheme so that it can have a larger and more fulfilling impact on everyone at university. By being a lead mentor, I hope to ensure that the scheme gets the recognition it deserves and that everyone participating in it can reap the full benefits that it offers.

 One interesting fact about yourself ?

I hold (or held – I’ve not been back to check for a while!) the highest score for the Grand Piano Tiles arcade game on Skegness, Southwold and Brighton piers. I don’t think it ties to my ability to play the piano but I like to think so.

 One thing you enjoy about studying at Leicester? 

Something that has really stuck out to me about Leicester is the amount of support you are given during your time at university. There’s always help on hand for both personal and educational matters. Before assignments you’re given a lot of help and advice which can make those first deadlines a lot easier to manage. Similarly, there are always drop in sessions in the Students’ Union to help you deal with any personal problems you may have and the staff are always really friendly and keen to help!