Meet your Lead Mentor – School of Arts

Meet your Lead Mentor – School of Arts

16th August 2018

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Name: Frankie Bianchi

Dept: History of Art and Film

Course: History of Art and English

Year (18/19): 2nd

Why do you think the Peer Mentoring Scheme is important? 

I believe the mentoring scheme is important to help mitigate the stressful transition from home to uni life. It helps to act as a safety net for students who may be worried about the transition and in turn encourages the confidence they may need to explore and feel comfortable living away from home, creating friendly faces in a new place.

What benefit does this scheme have for mentees?

The peer mentor scheme allows new students to talk to about what to expect from uni life from the experts- us, their fellow students. Having a friendly face to talk to builds confidence and makes uni life less intimidating. Most importantly, it creates new, long lasting friendships.

 What made you apply to be a lead mentor?

I believe my experience will help those in a similar situation to me and would benefit them if I can share it with them. Lead peer mentoring also gives me the opportunity to build new friendships and relationships with people I may otherwise not have met. It allows me to get more involved with the university as well as building my confidence and challenging myself to do new things.

One interesting fact about yourself? 

I’m a second dan black belt at Taekwondo and won silver at the British Championships when I was 14.

One thing you enjoy about studying at Leicester? 

It’s really encouraging to see all the lectures and professors so excited about what they teach, it’s unique to Leicester and is really encouraging and motivating to see as a student.