Meet your Lead Mentor – Chemistry

Meet your Lead Mentor – Chemistry

16th August 2018

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Name: Nikita Lack

Dept: Chemistry

Course: Chemistry with Forensic Science MChem

Year (18/19): 2

Why do you think the Peer Mentoring Scheme is important? 

The peer mentor scheme enables students from different years to get to know each other and more importantly help each other. It offers invaluable assistance that students would not otherwise get access to so provides reassurance and support during one the most difficult transition of life so far. Being a peer mentor develops transferable skills that can be useful to future employment but also can create friendships, confidence and brilliant communication.

What benefit does this scheme have for mentees? 

The peer mentor scheme delivers support and guidance during a students’ first few months of university. This is a time of immense pressure and change during a students’ life so providing care and direction within these tricky times is of great value to a mentee even if it is simply knowing someone is there looking out for them. I understand the impact that university can have on some people, some may feel it’s their chance to be wild and free whereas others may feel very lonely and estranged to their new surroundings. No matter how a person is feeling it is always of relief to know that there is someone with experience to help guide you through the bumpy start.

What made you apply to be a lead mentor? 

I applied to be a lead mentor so I can not only develop my leadership skills but also to pass on my knowledge of the scheme to others. My motto in life is to always help wherever I can so this gave perfect opportunity to do what I love doing and share experiences I had during my time as a first year as well as my time as a peer mentor. I already do a lot of work within my department so to lead mentors to do the best they can really excites me, and I hope it will bring new challenges to my skillset.

One interesting fact about yourself? 

Myself and my housemate own two theoretical mice.

One thing you enjoy about studying at Leicester? 

The opportunities that are available! Never have I once thought that I could not do something based on my academic achievements, only through the fact that my lecturers are wonderful and encouraging, they always want the best for their students. This gives the confidence to believe as well as achieve.