You are not alone

You are not alone

12th October 2018

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Year (18/19): SECOND


Info on how you felt when you were preparing to come to University

During the period between results day and moving in, there were 2 emotions – excitement and anxiety. I was nervous about having to make friends again but then also excited to meet new people. Despite the thrill of starting a completely new experience of my life on my own, I was worried I would struggle to live on my own and enjoy myself in a new city, However, there was a lot of support within the university to help me settle in even before.

What it was like in your first month at uni.

During the first month of university, I wanted to get involved with as many societies and events as possible. I signed up to many societies in the Freshers Fair but only continued to be an active member of the Finance, Mental Health and Islamic societies as well as the university football team. I found that these gave me a wide variety of people to meet which was my biggest concern before coming to university. Despite being over-the-moon with my accommodation and new friends, I found it hard at times to find my way around Leicester and what facilities were nearby. My peer mentor was very supportive and advised me about the nearby ASDA in Oadby as well as who to talk regarding feeling homesick which definitely helped me fit into the university life more comfortably.

 How could the Peer mentoring scheme help you transition into University life?

The peer mentoring scheme offers a supporting hand in case you have any questions or problems. Even if you feel reluctant that your problems are too personal to ask a fellow student for example, your peer mentor will be able to signpost you to the relevant service or department. The transition into university is for me, a lot harder than between AS and A level as it involves your whole life including living which for many, is in a new city with new people. Having someone there for you is uplifting and reassuring.

How did you feel or are feeling about the transition into your second year?

Going into second year doesn’t come with the same anxiety as for first year. I am excited to be living in a house nearer the campus with my best friends. However academically, I am certainly nervous about the increase in work and having to manage my time alongside extra-curricular activities.

Was there anything that helped you feel like you were part of a community?

As mentioned before, being part of societies and the football team definitely helped me make friends and feel part of a community. Everyone is in the same position at the start of the year so its encouraging to meet people who share similar interests.