You are not alone

You are not alone

12th October 2018

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Name: James Kumar

Dept: Law

Course: LLB Law

Year (18/19): 3rd Year


When I was preparing to come to Leicester it was a very hectic and nervous time. Leicester was my insurance choice and I found out I got in to the University on Results Day. This shifted a lot of my plans, I was prepped and ready to attend another institution so it was a bit of a chaotic time as I tried to sort out Accommodation and research all the aspects I had for the other University.

Being the first in my family to go to University (and a tad disorganised), I was frantically running around buying everything I needed (I even bought a 5M ethernet cable thinking there would be no wifi!). Within my first month everything seemed to be going ok and I didn’t have any major problems. I was quite happy actually – I finally had met some people who had similar interests to me.

Looking back, one of my regrets was being so disengaged with the Union & University during first year. I used to just go to lectures and return home which is why I didn’t really meet a lot of people and extend my friendship group. If the Peer Mentoring Scheme existed when I went to University, my Mentor would have probably prompted me to engage with the SU and told me about things like Societies. At the time this would have been really helpful, as I got involved in Sikh Society right towards the end of 1st year. As a result of this, I got a position on the Committee in 2nd year which led to 2nd year being the best year I’ve had at University! Through the Society, I got to meet even more like-minded people whilst having fun through the events we hosted. The Society gave me something to do and allowed me to meet new people whilst the Committee and members became close friends who I’d often see out of the Society too.