Sharing Your Study Skills – Biological Sciences

Sharing Your Study Skills – Biological Sciences

8th January 2019

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Name:  Lynn Chin

Department:  Biological Sciences

My favourite method of study:

Add little post-it notes and colours = Highlighting the important points in your notes and articles goes a long way as some points may be irrelevant information.

Draw diagrams whenever possible! = Examination markers do prefer diagrams and a graphic representation of your thoughts. This is also great in essay planning

Useful tips I can suggest for you:

When reading articles, I learnt a valuable tip from @thecatalystinme (a blog I highly recommend for prospective or current biological science students)

Try splitting the article you are reading into sections:

1) Purpose

2) Area

3) Background

4) What did they do?

5) What did they find?

6) Conclusion

Always remember the reasons of why you are reading the article. Skimming through the abstract and conclusion can save you a lot of time when studying!
Also remember to take breaks whilst you are studying.

A little refreshing walk outside can calm and clear your mind 🙂