Commuter Coffee Meet Up – Fern Kenney

Commuter Coffee Meet Up – Fern Kenney

31st January 2019

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‘First of all, thank you to those that came to the commuter event this Monday – it was lovely to get chatting with those that I saw!

I think as commuter students we have different barriers to our student experience that the university is yet to recognise – and those I spoke to on Monday seemed to agree with me. It’s harder for us to socialise at first because we haven’t been flung into friendships with house mates; we don’t live round the corner from the library and so have to plan assessments further ahead of time; and the COSTS of travelling to campus (though there is a way to claim some of that back – ).

However, over the past three years I think it’s also benefitted me because it’s made me have to hang around uni for more hours than my peers, hours that I then had to fill with opportunities: course rep, lead peer mentor, student trainer, committee member – I don’t think I would have applied for any of those opportunities if I lived round the corner from uni and could sneak off to watch Netflix in bed in between lectures (I save that for the weekend). It is worth checking out those opportunities and how they would benefit you.

I implore all of you to take all of the opportunities here at uni whilst you can – if you’re paying for a parking space or a train ticket to be here (on top of the £27 grand of debt we’re investing in ourselves) you may as well get your money’s worth!’

Fern Kenny