All Mentors need to have completed 3 areas of training to be able to mentor and be accredited on their HEAR award. 

What our mentors say:

 "The training was well organised and interesting. It tackled difficult issues that mentors may face whilst also helping with social aspects."

-Natalie, 3rd year English mentor

"The training was helpful, it made me aware of all the support services in the University and I was able to adequately refer two of my mentees when they came to me about more personal matters."

-3rd year Economics mentor

If you sign up as a peer mentor, you would have the following training:

How to be a Mentor-part 1 (in person/online)

What’s involved in being a peer mentor?

What advice should I give my mentees?

What support will be available?

How to be a Mentor-part 2 (online)

What is Equality and Diversity legislation in the UK?

How does the legislation relate to the role of a mentor?

What is best practice for communicating with mentees?

What makes communication effective?

How can our language effect communication?

Safeguarding Training (online)

What is safeguarding?

What are the categories of abuse and neglect?

How can abuse and neglect be indicated?

What is Consent and Harassment?

How do I respond appropriately if I’m concerned?

How does safeguarding relate to the role of peer mentor?