All Mentors need to have completed all areas of the training to ensure that they can fulfil their duties as a mentor and work towards gaining their HEAR accrediation 

What our mentors say:

 "The training was well organised and interesting. It tackled difficult issues that mentors may face whilst also helping with social aspects."

-Natalie, 3rd year English mentor

"The training was helpful, it made me aware of all the support services in the University and I was able to adequately refer two of my mentees when they came to me about more personal matters."

-3rd year Economics mentor

Mentor training cover the following areas:

What’s involved in being a peer mentor?

What advice should I give my mentees?

What support will be available?

What is Equality and Diversity legislation in the UK?

What is Safeguarding? 

How does the legislation relate to the role of a mentor?

What is best practice for communicating with mentees?

What makes communication effective?